…between the abstract and figurative

I enjoy working, creating and experimenting, talking with my artworks and approaching all the possibilities that the concept invites me to develop. Who knows my work knows the versatility of my portfolio, but also knows that my thread is still there, the color, expanding through each series that I develop and the evolution that the work asks for. In this way, I move between series that trigger different results and interpretations of the colorful radiation produced by the iridescence of the studied light phenomenon.

The art pieces you are looking at are unique and there are no reproductions.

In each work that I carry out, without distinction of supports or dimensions, I give 100 percent of my heart and my technical skills acquired over the years of dedication in this profession, with the impetus to obtain a unique piece, with all the deserving artistic materiality. I do each artwork in long periods of intervention time, with the emotion of letting it speak to me and tell me: what colors, techniques or composition it needs to feel liberated from my thoughts and execution, in order to belong to the interpretation. visual of another person.

There are many techniques applied to each work, such as drawing, painting, screen printing, and spray, with various moments of execution of each one of them to emphasize and repower the composition, with the interest of seeing a work that is delivered and speaks for itself.