…from light to matter

I enjoy working, creating and experimenting, talking with my artworks and approaching all the possibilities that the concept invites me to develop. Who knows my work knows the versatility of my portfolio, but also knows that my thread is still there, the color, expanding through each series that I develop and the evolution that the work asks for. In this way, I move between series that trigger different results and interpretations of the colorful radiation produced by the iridescence of the studied light phenomenon.


Through the emotional radiations that the spectrum within us awakens from the abstract, the PRESENCES / ESSENCES are born, which with the auras and the radiations provided by the colors, bodies and inanimate objects are humanized to acquire life and reflect as mirrors, the emotions, memories and individual and collective desires that we have, and that with the use of the same techniques and volumes communicates the abstract with the figurative.


Is a study in which, with the undulating shapes, fading and degrading colors, transparencies in white spaces want to evoke the light and potentiate the applied chromatic values together with inks, all in an abstract context, awaken hypnotizing emotions at the moment of contemplation, which makes us smile, relaxes us or get us energized, immersing ourselves within an introspective vision, it leads us to analyze and see ourselves reflected in the colors that speaks to us and with what we want to communicate with them.